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On this section of our website, you will be able to read interesting articles. This articles are gathered from both online and off-line resources.

At Home Moms

    A wife and a mother of four small children, the Evanston, Ill., resident knows how to get maximum mileage from new technologies, using them to add value to her busy life............. Read the full article.

Balancing Business and Baby :

    As Cheri Cappel Cowan and her toddler did their commute to day care a few mornings ago, they paused for an unplanned pit stop. "We saw an inchworm," Cowan explains............Read the full article.

Flexible Work Style :

    In the future workplace, fewer workers will have full-time, permanent jobs. Part-time and contract work are increasing everywhere as firms demand flexibility and seek to dodge hefty non-wage costs and employment- protection laws...........Read the full article.

Home Work :

    After the birth of her daughter, public-relations manager Julie Sauter traded a two-hour commute to a cramped work space for an amble to an airy spare bedroom. Comfortably ensconced in her home office.......Read full article.

Mother Knows Best :

    Anyone who ever thought working from home was easy has never seen Stacy Zonis change a diaper while talking to a client on the phone.........Read the full article.

Teleworking :

    Working from home rather than in an office, typically using a telephone  and a personal computer connected to the office via a modem. The term was introduced in the 1980s....... Read the full article.

The Happy Home Office :

    Telecommuting can go a long way to avoid the gridlock and stress of the daily grind. Yet a home office is fraught with perils of its own: ozone spews silently from your computer, poisons lurk in correction fluid, formaldehyde seeps from your credenza. And you can't even blame your boss....... Read the full article.

World-Class Workaholic :

    Chris Strahorn's parents haven't seen much of him lately.  They're usually asleep by the time he gets home, anywhere between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. And he's often asleep when they leave for work. If his car is in the driveway, they know he made it back. (Sometimes his father says hi to the car.) If not, it's a safe bet that  Strahorn, a 24-year-old computer programmer at an Internet start-up.........Read the full article.


[Workaholics] || [MOTHER KNOWS BEST] || [Balancing business & baby] || [at-home moms] || [Home Work] || [Flexible work styles] || [The Happy Home Office] || [Teleworking]


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